In this past life regression you will experience 3 past lives guided by your angels and guides. In each scene you will experience a heightened experience of your sense of knowing, smell, hearing, seeing and feeling. This experience isn't for everyone, as you will witness (not exprience) your death and transition in every scene. Finally, you will link together why these scenes were shown to you, your life lesson and what you still carry so your transformation can begin.


In this regression you will learn many things about yourself on conscious, sub-conscious and manifested levels. It is not uncommon for these memories to stay with you for days, weeks, maybe months until you are ready to let them go.


During this time, the memories may become more intense as your angels begin to work with you and more vivid memories about these scenes start to bubble up. This means you are growing spiritually, and when you are done letting go of all that doesn’t serve you don’t be surprised if you feel like a new diamond. Many have either gained heightened gifts and/or new realized gifts as a result.


If you feel you need assistance working out scenes please consider booking a spiritual coaching session. 


Past Life Regression

  • This regression is for entertainment purposes only and does not replace the direction of any medical profession or your health plan.

  • File is in MP3 format available for 30 days.

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