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Are you successful? Happy?  Or fearful and stressed?
Do you lack connection with yourself and other people in your life?
Have you tried to change only to find you have been chasing your tail? Does happiness and success feel like something everyone else achieves but not you?  Do you feel like something, or someone is blocking your blessings?

You were led here for a reason...

It's time to discover who you are and put yourself back into balance.
Thoughts have power, and your thoughts are made of pure consciousness, of loving energy connected to everything. 

To achieve mind, body and spirit balance you must obtain awareness. Awareness of your thoughts, feelings, memories, energy and environment so that you are in alignment with yourself and the world around you.

are you ready to change your life?

  • Get rid of negative beliefs holding you back, painful memories, and ancestral blocks.

  • Build a healthy relationship with yourself so that you are able to give and receive love.

  • Develop healthy habits that nourish the mind, body and spirit.

  • Feel alive and more connected to God (higher source) and yourself.

  • Be the energy you want to attract.

Jessica McRae,CL.Hyp
Mind, Body, Soul Transformation 

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WORKING WITH ME you will experience... 

By combining hypnosis and spiritual coaching you will not only get to the root cause of your issue, but also receive support and tools you can use in real world situations.

In our sessions you will know what the root cause of your issue is, we will have weeded out beliefs that no longer define or block you and narrow down what we will work on. Hypnosis gets you out of your own way and allows the subconscious to speak, and therefore getting to the root of your issue quickly. I will teach you tools to grow and expand that are hands on in our sessions. 


Reset Your Life Program

"Push the reset button on your life by eliminating blocks and   gaining a clearer understanding of who you are and what you want in 90 days."

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Physical Wellness & Nutrition


Free yourself from mental blocks and limiting beliefs.


Find purpose & connection.


Jessica is an absolute lifesaver! She is willing and eager to help at a moments  notice and has been able to gain my teenage son's trust very easily. She has helped him become more confident in his decision making and begin to find the root causes for his sadness. I am also working with her to combat my procrastination tendencies and have made great strides with her support! I don't know where we'd be without her!

N. Vela


Things are going amazing since our first session. I haven't slept this good in years, no more TMJ or grinding my teeth, relief from physical pain and my stress management is unbelievable. I'm even doing less compulsive/emotional eating! With it having been only a couple of days since our session I can't wait to see how I'm feeling in a couple of weeks. I didn't get this kind of relief after 2 years of traditional therapy. I can't say thank you enough!!!!!

M. Hutton


There is such a deep resonance and truth I am able to reach while working with Jessica. I'd describe it as calming. She is a teacher who is absolutely delights in helping you learn and uncover your path and gives you the tools for your journey.

J. Farias


Jessica has helped me a lot. I've been holding onto a lot of hurt and pain. As a man we tend to hold onto things and try to figure them out (so I thought). Working with Jessica has helped me out tremendously. I've learned how to let go of the past and be more focused on being a better person. Everyone can tell the difference from when I started up until now. Without her I would still be lost and hurting.

J. Sweat


I am grateful for my sessions with Jessica. It helped me to discover blindspots and experience aha moments of conditions holding me back. I suffered from being overwhelmed and a fear of success to sustain performance levels. I am now self aware and utilize reinforcement tools given to sustain results. I am now more focused and complete tasks with ease. I love that she created a space to be present by removing the distraction of taking notes and providing recordings with recap highlights.

S. Moultrie 


My name is David. I have done hypnotherapy sessions with Jessica to help with pain management following a major accident. It aided my healing process and helped me recover faster. 

David Hutton


Over the years I began to experience anxiety that significantly impacted my sleep and hence my life. I took prescriptions but nothing seemed to help. I made an appointment with Jessica to check out RTT not expecting any results. After one session the results have been life changing. Within the 21 days of listening to my recorded session my anxiety, mood, motivation, and all-around quality of life have significantly improved. I would highly recommend RTT for not only anxiety but for the underlying issues that surfaced.

N. Riggins


A few months ago I started coaching and healing sessions with Jessica. I had no idea what to expect but I just knew that I needed some help and guidance. I had a lot of hurt in my past that I had been holding onto for many years. I was broken. I had been praying for so long for some help because I did not want to feel that way anymore. So I contacted Jessica and she was able to help me in waysI could have never thought possible. It's like I'm a new person, it's like the hurt from the lies I believed about myself have fallen off. The walls I had up are gone. I'm still a work in progress, but Jessica has completely changed my life and even my kids have noticed. It's so much more peaceful around our house. Thank you Jessica I appreciate you so much for all you have done for me and my family.

A. Sweat


Duuuuude! When we met I didn't want to live, I was a seriously contemplating ending it all. You saved me. Forever thank you...



Jessica understood the assignment when I hadn’t a clue of what was going on with me and what to do about it. I was lost and burdened in my sorrows and traumas. The rapid transformation therapy was a game changer for me when my coping mechanisms that held me up had cracked and shattered beneath my feet and I was falling into a place that was unrecognizable. What we set out to accomplish in seven sessions, with the spiritual coaching and hypnosis therapy, we were able to complete in only five. I am forever grateful and can’t praise Jessica enough for her guidance in helping me to remove the heaviness that was hindering me from tapping into my internal light and power. I went from experiencing debilitating anxiety and feelings of not being enough to facing my traumas, “cancel, cut, & deleting”, and proclaiming my I AM. I am still a work in progress, empowered and equipped with the tools to do the work. Thank you Jessica!

S. Miller


Thank you very much for the hypnotherapy audio session that you did for me. It has been very helpful for pain management and healing during my recovery. I appreciate all the effort you put into making it and for helping me.



Working with Jessica has been a blessing in so many ways. I've done many forms of therapy/coaching but always felt something was still blocking me from living fully and feeling at peace. Jessica was able to get to the root of what was blocking me and help me resolve it once and for all. The funny thing is I truly didn't realize the main issue was an issue was an issue as I thought I had dealt with it way back. Not only was I able to let it go but to also learn daily tools to stay present, be calm, at peace and genuinely happy. The life I wanted is finally manifesting due to the techniques Jessica taught me. I truly am beyond thankful for everything Jessica Has done and taught me.

A. McDonald


For the first time in my life I really know who I am and where I'm going as well as when I'm not connected to God. Jessica helped me define my "I AM" which was eye opening! It's like everything else fell into place once I had this aha moment. She just holds your hand through every step, and you feel completely supported. If you are experiencing a disconnect or identity crisis, you have got to work with Jessica! She amazing and such a blessing in my life.

C. Robertson


It's been just over three weeks since the RTT session. I know that you have checked. I have gotten a lot of positive feedback from the management at work. Even the word confident has been used. In the recording you said that people will also notice the increased confidence and they have. 

J. Graziano