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In one on one sessions the coach will typically assist clients with understanding their life purpose, release self limiting beliefs, learn to see truth in themselves and others through a lens of love, and learn personal language for attracting abundance in all areas of their life. We believe there is no greater connection than the one between you and God, and therefore you are capable of achieving your own level of spirituality with the right "tools".

Spiritual Coaching is spiritually based, not religious based.

Spiritual Coaching

RTT is a distinct, therapeutic approach that utilizes principles of hypnotherapy combined with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), neurolinguistic programming (NLP), and psychotherapy created by Marisa Peer. 

Rapid Transformational
Therapy® (RTT®)

What can RTT help with?

Low confidence, low self esteem, deep rooted negative self beliefs, self criticism, social anxiety, feeling not loved, feeling not enough, nothing is available to you.


Money beliefs, financial stability, poor work performance, presentation skills, confidence & leadership, selling, communication skills, meeting people and small talk.



Smoking, bad eating habits, shopping, drinking, procrastination, control issues, biting nails, fear of rejection, fear of change, fear of failure, public speaking, fear of making mistakes, learned helplessness, bedwetting.


Relationships fear of getting hurt, fear of commitment, past traumas, jealousy, repetitive patterns of dating, trust issues, loyalty issues.


Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®)

Spiritual Coaching

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