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 I am not a psychologist in supporting clients, but my role is to help them tap into their own healing ability. I do this by working as a spiritual messenger and by helping my clients travel deeper within themselves through hypnosis. I communicate with the wounded child or subconscious within them in the same way that I that I communicate with angels.  I offer clients what I hear and see, and encourage them in making their own decisions as to what to do with the information shown to me, which is the same that I use to guide their transformation.


I hear often how miraculous a healing occurred or how a breakthrough happened when they thought it was never possible, but this only happens when my clients are open and ready for healing. Their healing comes from the higher self. I am the messenger connecting the guidance of heaven to their life experiences on earth.


This guidance contains wisdom that helps the mind to surrender to a greater love of themselves and the world around them. It carries the love of the angels in every word so that when spoken this love is absorbed into the mind of the listener, and supports the letting go of layers of the deepest wounds and conditioning as it pinpoints the source and how it has impacted your life.

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Service Options

Spiritual Coaching
Typical topics to work with a Spiritual Coach:
  • Development of natural gifts

  • Learn mediumship techniques

  • Become a Reiki Master

  • Frequency/color healing techniques

  • Crystal use for grids, healing and making elixirs

  • Let go of self limiting beliefs

  • Find your joy

  • Attract love and abundance into your life

  • Connect with God

  • Release childhood and generational trauma

  • Channeling

  • Intuitive writing

  • Clearing home, self or property

  • Meditation - breathing and using mudra's

  • Manifesting

In combination with Spiritual Coaching, hypnosis can address:
  • Inner child work

  • Past and generational traumas

  • Deep rooted negative beliefs

  • Anxiety

  • Feeling not loved

  • Nothing is available to you

  • Not enough

  • Low confidence & self esteem

  • Feeling disconnected

  • Feeling lost

  • Past life memories

  • Not connected to God

Bookings will not be accepted without an initial consulatation.