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This is the place where inspired people go to learn real tools that will transform your life into the best version of you.
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RTT Can Help With...

Relationships fear of getting hurt, fear of commitment, past traumas, jealousy, repetitive patterns of dating, trust issues, loyalty issues.

Money beliefs, financial stability, poor work performance, presentation skills, confidence & leadership, selling, communication skills, meeting people and small talk.

Smoking, bad eating habits, shopping, drinking, procrastination, control issues, biting nails, fear of rejection, fear of change, fear of failure, public speaking, fear of making mistakes, learned helplessness, bedwetting.

Low confidence, low self esteem, deep rooted negative self beliefs, self criticism, social anxiety, feeling not loved, feeling not enough, nothing is available to you.

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LIVE "Ask Jessica"

7/12/21- 7/25/21
The Spiritual Entrepreneurs Summit

7/25/21 - 8/21/21
Spiritual Alchemy MC Series + Weekly In-group FB Live Coaching

 What will you gain from this Masterclass series?

Your initiation into awakened spirituality will come to a full cycle of completion as you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your souls’ journey, and your path to enlightenment.

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Woo Woo Spirituality Definitions Explained

Have you recently started your spiritual journey? On my path to enlightenment I joined online groups with like-minded people,  read many books, and studied under various spiritual teachers  only to wonder what the hell these people are talking about. It's like they have a spiritual dictionary of their own... using words like collective, frequency, source, and grounding. Fret no longer dear reader.... I got you covered.

This book covers spirituality, dimensions, prana, the collective, the path to enlightenment, higher connection, divine beings and more.

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Journey to God
A medium's journey from childhood initiated by angels to understanding God's conception of mankind.

In this biography I bring you through a journey that started at age 4 with an initiation by angels, and introduction to the full duality of beings and lost souls. My personal experiences and spiritual education dove deep into dark night of the soul  to a full acceptance of myself, my gifts, and my life purpose in this incarnation. 

FALL 2021